Does your current software provider save your service significant amounts of money year on year?

We have over 20 years’ experience in the community equipment market place and throughout the years our software has helped local authorities make savings throughout their service and continues to do so. We work with over 60 healthcare organisations and understand the importance of providing a service that will help with the ever increasing constraints on the NHS and local authorities, including decreased budgets and limited practitioner time.

TCES Community is an end-to-end software solution that offers an intuitive community equipment ordering and a back end asset management tracking platform, making sure equipment is always sourced, maintained and located within the community correctly.
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See how TCES Community can benefit your service!

Equipment Ordering

The simple to use on-the-go ordering platform

Our software offers a platform where prescribers are continually empowered and assisted throughout.
From start to finish community equipment can be ordered, collected or repaired with ease, with minimal navigation for an order to be placed. Authorisation controls are applied depending on a prescriber’s clinical and financial levels, ensuring local authority budgets are continually controlled and managed.

TCES Community can be integrated with any aspect of community equipment, prescription models, complex loan equipment, self-funding, direct supply and wheelchair services, TCES Community can do it all.

Asset & Activity Management

Manage your equipment catalogue with ease

TCES Community incorporates an activity management back end component, where all equipment is tracked and traced via barcoding technology throughout its complete life cycle. TCES Community keeps historic records of it all, when equipment is out on site, back in the warehouse, in cleaning or out for repair.

Having such a system in place prevents loss of equipment in the community, ensures planned preventative maintenance is always undertaken and new equipment is only ordered when necessary.

Our solution can adjust to local authority needs, aiming to exclusively increase efficiencies across their service and assist with budget constraints.

Mobile Ordering

Improve service user satisfaction

TCES Community is fully mobile, ensuring in the field on-the-go ordering, messaging and scheduling for prescribers. Whilst out attending to service user’s needs, activities can be arranged and confirmed at the press of a button, giving service users and carers the ability to logon and track orders and delivery times through the dedicated citizen portal.

SMS communication can also be sent, notifying service users of delivery times and prescriber arrival times, aiming to increase efficiencies and improve service user satisfaction.

Citizen Portal

Offering a secure portal for service users and carers with self-funding pathways, help, advice and tracking.

For security purposes citizen portal access is initially enabled with two factor authentication. Once logged in service users and or carers can access current orders, arrange collections, repairs, deliveries and seek advice by chatting with prescribers and depots online. The ability to view product usage instructions along with self-funding information is also available.

Subject to local authority integration TCES Community can provide secure API’s that can be imbedded into council websites to allow potential service users to self-refer and be signposted to equipment providers, retailers and or prescribers for further assessment.

Clinical Assessment Toolkit

Reduce overspend across your service

It’s no secret that local authorities across the country are exceeding their budgets year on year, with over prescription of particular community equipment products contributing to this. The Clinical Assessment Toolkit aims to reduce this overspend for council’s nationwide.

Initially the toolkit was devised for an area where expenditure was constantly high - pressure care, however toolkits have also been created for cushions, seating, beds and key safes. Working with specialists in pressure care our team developed an equipment selection process that works with the use of an innovative RAG (Red, Amber, Green) scheme, designed to aid clinical judgement in the holistic assessment of service user needs.
After an assessment takes place downgrading service users whom no longer need high-level pressure care products can occur, aiming to dramatically reduce current expenditure in that area of the service.

Cost Efficiency Modules

Improve productivity across your workforce

The cost efficiency modules were created for Tissue Viability Products, Minor Adaptations and ‘Special’ non-contract equipment.

Using these modules through TCES ordering aims to assist prescribers and realise cost efficiencies by obtaining a range of quotations from approved equipment sub-contractors. A prescriber will simply place an order giving a very clear specification of the item they require and TCES Community will search for the best quotations, which when acquired will be sent via email to the prescriber.

The prescriber will be able to choose the best quote for their service user, considering value for money and specification to meet assessed need.


Streamline your wheelchair service through automated online ordering

Become paperless by managing the complete wheelchair referral to delivery process through TCES Community. All key triage and clinic assessments are assigned to a service user, making sure data is continually updated and visible in real-time. Important clinic appointments will be managed through TCES Community with end-to-end tracking capabilities through the dedicated service user citizen portal, reducing missed appointments, saving valuable time for your personnel.

All wheelchair orders and repairs are processed and prioritised through TCES Community. Orders can be put on hold due to circumstances, such as a service user is admitted to hospital or a wheelchair part is not available, ensuring the referral to treatment 18-week timeframe is not exceeded. All wheelchair assets are continually tracked using our advanced barcoding technology from warehouse to service users homes, delivering accurate stock management data that is automatically accessible.

TCES Wheelchair

Peripheral Stores Management App

Eliminate the loss of equipment across your peripheral stores and reduce costs by decreasing stock replenishment rates.

Through the use of a dedicated P-Store app issuing stock has never been so easy! The app enables speedy ordering and improved management of stock levels, reducing the amount of stock that is issued without it being tracked.

App activity automatically syncs back to TCES, ensuring management teams always know exactly what equipment is in stock, when stock levels are running low and when stores need to be replenished.


Take control of your continence contract with automated continence profiles and delivery schedules. Stop wastage and set continence profiles that plan for the continence usage of the service user for a timed period, allowing for automated, seamless auto-ordering and delivery.

Management Reporting

Reporting across your entire service is simple with Microsoft Business Intelligence. With pre-built and custom made reports you can compare a variety of datasets including equipment ordering volumes, equipment out in the community and spend across teams and individuals. Gaining such information enables quicker operational and strategic decisions to be made.

Using advanced MI reporting provides a range of benefits for your service including, immediate practitioner management, incorporating key performance indicator trends, data exports in a variety of formats for easy trend analyse and better procurement decisions through in-depth spend comparisons.

Process Graphic

Mobile Working

With the increasing demands on prescribing staff mobile working is essential. TCES Community is fully responsive and can be used on any mobile device, so orders can be placed anytime, anywhere.

We procured the services of CSS and TCES in April 2018, the whole process and experience has been positive. We were initially advised that an implementation of such a service is recommended and envisaged to take a minimum of 5 months. Ceredigion County Council were in such a predicament that this length of time was not an option. This was discussed with CSS and unbelievable we managed to implement the service in under 3 weeks.

The company used all their resources and man power to aid in this process and made the whole process extremely organised, stress-free and efficient. The process allowed our service to remain functional, maintain service standard and ultimately did not have a negative effect on our service users.

Ywain ap Dylan (ICES Manager)

Ceredigion County Council

Implementing this system has allowed our service to finally become 'paper-free'. We no longer require the use of paper prescriptions and all delivery staff are able to use their hand held devices effectively and efficiently. This has greatly reduced the amount of admin work required by the office staff and most communication between our service staff and clinicians/prescribers can be done online.

I would highly recommend this service to others and our service has certainly gained from procuring this system. The whole experience has been positive!

Ywain ap Dylan (ICES Manager)

Ceredigion County Council

Sunderland Care and Support Ltd engaged with CSS with a view to purchasing a new asset management system for the Community Equipment Store. Once we had made the decision that the system met all of our requirements we were very quickly supported by a strong team to progress to implementation.

The CSS team supported us to engage with partners about the transition and set out very clear expectations about what would be required from us and steered a project group to achieve go live of the TCES / Pro-Cloud system. Their experienced project team had a visible presence during the early stages and their support team have been available to help since then to help troubleshoot.

Gill Lawson (Senior Operations Manager)

Sunderland Care and Support

Given that the new system presented such a major shift from our old paper based way of working, the transition went smoothly and we have received positive feedback from front end and back end users alike. From a management perspective, we now have live and accurate data as well as a clear audit trail of activity. Significant back office efficiencies have been made in terms of freeing up staff time, a reduction in abortive work and also a reduction in paper.

We would undoubtedly recommend TCES / Pro-Cloud to new users and would be more than happy to demonstrate the system to prospective users.

Gill Lawson (Senior Operations Manager)

Sunderland Care and Support

The Derbyshire contract has used the clinical assessment tool to monitor and shape decision making regards pressure care mattresses. The CSS lead for this project has been instrumental in developing this tool through partnership working with the commissioning team and their equipment lead practitioner.

Amendments to the tool have been required, as sometimes there are unexpected consequences, and wording used in questionnaires changed to accomplish the desired results. Recommendations made by the tool have harmonised equipment prescription, and supported junior staff to understand the critical elements of safe prescription.

Gareth Hughes (Lead Practitioner)

Derbyshire County Council

It has also on occasions, corrected patterns of over and under prescription. The CSS lead has clinical experience and this has been a great asset in forging a shared understanding of how the project is progressed. We have noted quick turnaround on amendments to the questionnaire, good levels of support on implementation and advice freely shared on lessons learned by other similar projects.

What has been particularly impressive regards this project lead for these tools is a flexibility to acknowledge issues arising, but an openness to change and the request of improvement from their software development team.

Gareth Hughes (Lead Practitioner)

Derbyshire County Council

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