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TCES Community developing community healthcare

TCES Community is the complete community equipment software solution that can help your service make the changes needed to manage budgets effectively and assist service users in receiving the equipment needed to keep them independent in their homes.

TCES Community is a forward thinking platform that takes all aspects of ordering community equipment into account, targeting key areas of overspend, whilst driving down efficiencies.

Here are a few ways TCES Community can help cut costs:

  • By offering recycled stock as an alternative, maximising the reuse of equipment and reducing contract expenditure.
  • The use of our clinical assessment toolkit that aids clinical judgement, signposting practitioners to equipment, ensuring the most suitable and cost effective product is selected.
  • Advanced Microsoft Business Intelligence customised reports, enabling comparisons of all areas of a service.

These are just a few ways how our community equipment software platform can help cut costs. Our team of in-house developers are always innovating and improving our CES platform, making sure we help tackle challenges that community equipment services face every day.

To find out more about TCES Community contact our Business Development Director, Emma Strain.


0844 879 4531

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