Getting services trained in our TCES Community solution is of vital importance to us, we want the system to be used to its optimum with our customers getting the most out of it every single time.

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    We offer a number of training sessions as part of every contract go-live. These consist of group sessions (normally 15 people per session) in a classroom format that are arranged by the contracts authorised officer and one of TCES Community’s training co-ordinators.

    A number of managerial training sessions are also offered to make sure services are benefiting from the systems fundamentals. Throughout these sessions managers and other identified authorised officers will learn everything needed to equip themselves including; how to place an order, viewing historical asset and workforce scheduling data, how to view and drill down within the task and testing board, assign tasks and set up new users.

    Training in TCES Community’s management information reporting module is also covered in these sessions.

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    Management Information

    Getting trained in the management information reporting module will really help managerial staff understand how their service operates, enabling them to pull data apart, giving them the statistics required to make key business decisions.

    Help Guides

    We also have a number of interactive walkthroughs as well as help guides that are available once TCES Community is implemented. All personnel can get access to these via the system itself or a member of the support team can forward them to individuals on request.

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