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The complete fixed asset management software solution

TCES Community incorporates asset management from order to delivery. It enables all equipment orders to be tracked and traced via barcoding technology, updating the status of an order in real-time. TCES Community keeps historic records of it all; when equipment is allocated to a user’s address, back in the warehouse, in cleaning or out for repair.

Gain complete control and real-time visibility of your asset activities by making use of TCES Community’s asset tree structure, asset locations and sub-locations. Our comprehensive labelling procedure is where this module lies, delivering valuable, and accurate stock management data that is automatically accessible

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TCES Community is compatible with a multitude of barcoding solutions including GS1 Barcoding, QR codes, NFC and RFID enabling key product information to be readily available and shared between all parties.

Find out more about our Labelling options.

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Go Paperless with TCES Community

Having such a system in place will significantly reduce your paper outlay, prevent loss of equipment in the community, ensure planned preventative maintenance is always undertaken and new equipment is only ordered when necessary.

Our Community Equipment IT solution can adjust to local authority needs, aiming to exclusively increase efficiencies across a service and assist with budget constraints.

Track Your Equipment Orders On-The-Go

To ensure all equipment orders are tracked effectively our asset management module can be used on a range of scanning and mobile devices. When required your workforce will be able to view key order information and recent activity updates on-the-go.

View our hardware page for available mobile options.

Benefit from...

Stock movement management including real time usage and valuation

Real-time equipment order status updates

Barcode, RFID and QR code labelling for stock and activity tracking and recording

The ability to view historic records of community equipment updates and activities, ensuring full maintenance requirements such as product recalls and warranty repairs are never missed

Supplier warranty replacement capabilities

Automated stock alarms