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Control your budgets by using the Clinical Assessment Toolkit

It’s no secret that local authorities across the country are exceeding their budgets year on year, with over-prescription of particular community equipment products contributing to this. The Clinical Assessment Toolkit aims to reduce this overspend for councils nationwide.

Initially the toolkit was devised for an area where expenditure was constantly high – pressure care, however toolkits have also been created for cushions, seating, beds and key safes. Working with specialists in pressure care, our team developed an equipment selection process that works with the use of an innovative RAG (Red, Amber, Green) scheme, designed to aid clinical judgement in the holistic assessment of service user needs.

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Ensure the correct product is always selected

After an assessment takes place, downgrading service users whom no longer need high-level care products can occur, aiming to dramatically reduce current expenditure in that area of the service.

Benefit from...

Reduce overspend

Signpost practitioners to equipment

Aids service user assessment

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