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    calderdale council logo

    “Calderdale has recently purchased a modern warehouse management IT system from Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited (CSS) which support the Loan Store services provided to patients/service users, and is run in partnership between the council and the hospital.

    After viewing a number of different systems, the CSS system of ‘Pro-Cloud’ and ‘TCES’ were by far superior to other systems and a joint decision was made to purchase this system. Pro-Cloud is the warehouse system and TCES is a catalogue style equipment ordering system. Both work concurrently to ensure the stock management, ordering and delivery services work in unison to provide a smooth service to patients/service user who require equipment and provides clear delivery information to the clinicians ordering equipment.

    Working closely with a dedicated Project Lead from CSS (and support team), the implementation was completed successfully and comfortably within a 10 weeks timescale. There was no slippage and in fact the service was delivered a week early. Weekly conference calls were held and all personnel involved in the programme of work were kept fully informed on progress. During this time various IT extracts were taken from our old legacy system and migrated to the new system. Thorough testing was undertaken (both system and user) to ensure the information was in the right format. Over 350 people were trained by a dedicated CSS trainer to use the system in a timely manner which was well received by our clinicians.

    We developed a great relationship with CSS and aftercare has been provided by a dedicated CSS Account Manager who has supported Calderdale Loan Store personnel long after the launch. There is also a Helpline for users to contact if they have any technical issues which is manned with system experts.

    This system is well worth the investment as the benefits to clinicians and patients/service users are outstanding. The new system has streamlined processes for Calderdale and is making the lives of anyone using the system – from warehouse staff to end users – so much easier.

    Since going live with the system, additional modules have been explored to expand the functionality of the system further which is providing more benefits to all system users.”

    Ann Ogilivie
    Project Manager, Calderdale MBC

    fife council logo

    “I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all of you for all the work that you have put into setting up and implementing TCES in Fife. I know that there have been many challenges to get to the finishing line, but I am very glad to say that we have made it to launch day. I want to say thank you all for your professionalism, patience and determination to get the job done despite the difficulties encountered. I thought when COVID-19 arrived that we would struggle to get to this day, so I am very happy tonight that we are going ahead tomorrow as planned.

    I am looking forward to working with you over the next month to bed TCES in and going forward with CSS to get the system well embedded in Fife.

    Thank you for an excellent job well done.” 

    Anne McAlpine, Clinical Service Manager
    Fife Council

    ceredigion council logo

    ”We procured the services of CSS and TCES in April 2018, the whole process and experience has been positive.

    We were initially advised that an implementation of such a service is recommended and envisaged to take a minimum of 5 months. Ceredigion County Council were in such a predicament that this length of time was not an option. This was discussed in length with CSS and unbelievably we managed to implement this service in under 3 weeks. The company used all their resources and man power to aid in this process and made the whole process extremely organised, stress-free and efficient. The process allowed our service to remain functional, maintain service standard and ultimately did not have a negative effect on our service users.

    My initial concern when procuring the ‘new’ system was the training aspect – training for internal staff and the prescribers using the system. Again, CSS made this process extremely easy and stress free. They provided us with enough man power and resources to carry out the training process for all staff in fewer than 6 working days. We could not ask for better!

    Implementing this system has allowed our service to finally become ‘paper free’. We no longer require the use of paper prescriptions and all delivery staff are able to use their hand held devices effectively and efficiently. This has greatly reduced the amount of admin work required by the office staff and most communication between our service staff and clinicians/prescribers can be done online. As with every new implementation, we have and continue to experience the odd ‘hick-up’ and glitch. This was envisaged and understandably unavoidable in areas. The customer services team and IT support have been excellent for us and issues are looked at and sorted in a timely manner. They remain in constant communication with us and feedback at every opportunity. Again reducing the amount of stress for staff members and prescribers.

    I would highly recommend this service to others and our service has certainly gained from procuring this system. The whole experience has been positive!”

    Ywain ap Dylan ICES Manager, Ceredigion County Council
    (Ceredigion ICES: Ceredigion Independent Living Centre)

    sunderland care and support logo

    ”Sunderland Care and Support Ltd engaged with CSS with a view to purchasing a new asset management system for the Community Equipment Store. Once we had made the decision that the system met all of our requirements we were very quickly supported by a strong team to progress to implementation. The CSS team supported us to engage with partners about the transition and set out very clear expectations about what would be required from us and steered a project group to achieve go live of the TCES / Pro-Cloud system. Their experienced project team had a visible presence during the early stages and their support team have been available to help since then to help troubleshoot.

    Given that the new system presented such a major shift from our old paper based ways of working, the transition went smoothly and we have received positive feedback from front end and back end users alike. From a management perspective, we now have live and accurate data as well as a clear audit trail of activity. Significant back office efficiencies have been made in terms of freeing up staff time, a reduction in abortive work and also a reduction in paper.

    We would undoubtedly recommend TCES / Pro-Cloud to new users and would be more than happy to demonstrate the system to prospective users.”

    Gill Lawson, Senior Operations Manager
    Sunderland Care and Support Ltd

    derbyshire council logo

    ”The Derbyshire contract has used the clinical assessment tool to monitor and shape decision making regards pressure care mattresses. The CSS lead for this project has been instrumental in developing this tool through partnership working with the commissioning team and their equipment lead practitioners. Amendments to the tool have been required, as sometimes there are unexpected consequences, and wording used in questionnaires changed to accomplish the desired results. Recommendations made by the tool have harmonised equipment prescription, and supported junior staff to understand the critical elements of safe prescription. The CSS lead has clinical experience and this has been a great asset in forging a shared understanding of how the project is progressed. We have noted quick turnaround on amendments to the questionnaire, good levels of support on implementation and advice freely shared on lessons learned by other similar projects. What has been particularly impressive regards this project lead for these tools is a flexibility to acknowledge issues arising, but an openness to change and the request of improvement from their software development team.” 

    Gareth Hughes Lead Practitioner, Derbyshire Council
    (Integrated Community Equipment Stores:ICES)

    bbc logo

    “The BBC Archives procured the Pro-Cloud Product from CSS in 2017. We have worked together to tailor the Pro-Cloud Stock management Product to meet the BBC Archives specific requirements.
    CSS (Europe) provided features and functionality to enable precise storage management, auditing, and reporting of the BBC’s 7 million media assets.

    The CSS team took the time to understand our business needs, including all the intricacies of such a historic Archive, and how we would like to use this system to deliver our business processes; once launched, CSS (Europe) worked with the Archives team to migrate our data from our existing stock management product ensuring accuracy and rationalisation throughout the process.

    CSS (Europe), having a clear understanding of our business process, have provided the training and training support for users. This has been a straightforward and well documented process enabling the Product to be quickly adopted by the user base.

    The Archives have been successfully using the product since its deployment – it meets our current requirements and we are satisfied that it will continue to do so.”

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