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TCES Community is a platform where prescribers can place community equipment orders, collections and repairs with ease. Offering a highly intuitive and user-friendly catalogue integrated with five-tier authorisation levels, ensuring the correct item is always purchased for a service user and budgets are continually controlled and managed. As standard TCES Community’s catalogue includes the following;

  • Links to Self-funding Catalogue
  • Asset Descriptions
  • Safety and Hazard Data
  • Manufacturer Codes
  • Stocking Levels
  • Usage Limitations
  • Delivery Implications
  • And much more
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The catalogue will not only display standard core stock it will also give the prescribers options for recycled stock, Close Technical Equivalents (CTEs) if the standard item is out of stock as well as similar products. Not only that, prescribers will also be given the option to purchase linked equipment ensuring nothing is missed from an order.

To ensure efficient ordering is in place TCES Community has its very own Clinical Assessment Toolkit which is linked to the catalogue providing full control on purchases especially when ordering high spend products.

The handling of specials in TCES Community is unrivalled in the market space, working with the leading product manufacturers the specials process has been refined to provide:

  • Special templating
  • Linked accessory templates
  • A linkable supply chain using the Cost Efficiency Module
  • Configurable upon user privileges
  • Sharing specials

Improve service user satisfaction through on-the-go mobile ordering

TCES Community is fully mobile, ensuring in the field on-the-go ordering, messaging and scheduling for prescribers. Whilst out attending to service users’ needs, activities can be arranged and confirmed at the press of a button.

SMS communication can also be sent, notifying service users of delivery times and prescriber arrival times, aiming to increase efficiencies and improve service user satisfaction.

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Benefit from...

A user-friendly interface where orders can be placed within moments

Offering prescribers who have limited product knowledge or limited time to choose an appropriate product quickly

Facilitating the use of recycled specials over new, which can result in a 92% reduction in spend

Mobile friendly

Special sharing – that ensures a wider variety of available recycled stock

Warehouse efficiencies improve by using the templating application

Saves valuable time by utilising automated stocking levels within the catalogue

Issuing promoted products will reduce stockpiling