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Streamline your wheelchair service through automated online ordering.

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Become paperless by managing the complete wheelchair referral to delivery process

All key triage and clinic assessments are assigned to a service user, making sure data is continually updated and visible in real-time. Important clinic appointments will be managed through TCES Community with end-to-end tracking capabilities through the dedicated service user citizen portal, reducing missed appointments, saving valuable time for your personnel.

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Continually track and trace wheelchair orders

All wheelchair orders and repairs are processed and prioritised through TCES Community. Orders can be put on hold due to circumstances such as a service user is admitted to hospital or a wheelchair part is not available, ensuring the referral to treatment 18-week timeframe is not exceeded. All wheelchair assets are continually tracked using our advanced barcoding technology from warehouse to service users homes, delivering accurate stock management data that is automatically accessible.

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Benefit from...

Organise diary appointments easily

Track and monitor the 18-week NHS guideline

Manage paperless prescription orders and repairs

New and recycled wheelchair catalogue

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