Peripheral Stores Management App

Eliminate the loss of equipment across your peripheral stores and reduce costs by decreasing stock replenishment rates

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This form is to request a sales demonstration of the TCES Community solution, if your query is regarding an issue with your current TCES Community contract for example logging in or an existing order please call the Helpdesk on 0800 652 0488 or use the Helpdesk Support link at the bottom of the page.

Through the use of a dedicated P-Store app issuing community equipment stock has never been so easy!

The app enables speedy ordering and improved management of stock levels, reducing the amount of stock that is issued without it being tracked.

For ease of use the app will request the user to enter a location pin code that will show which P-store they are issuing from. Once accessed you simply:

  • Search for a service user or add a new one
  • Select an address
  • Scan the equipment’s barcode
  • Select funding type/loan review (if applicable)
  • Issue equipment
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mobile screenshot of TCES Community

Manage stock levels with ease

App activity automatically syncs back to TCES, ensuring management teams always know exactly what equipment is in stock, when stock levels are running low and when stores need to be replenished.

Benefit from...

An easy to use mobile app

Your service users always receiving the equipment they need when they need it

A quicker discharge process

Making sure equipment is always traceable

Managed stock levels

Saving your service money