Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security IllustrationAs Autumn and October approach they bring with them the month of Cyber Security Awareness. In a predominantly digital sector, cyber security is of the utmost importance as personal details and business operations need to always be kept as secure as possible.

Here at CSS, we take cyber security extremely seriously because it underpins and supports our community equipment service software solutions and the organisations that use them every day. We have recently passed another year of the Cyber Essential’s certification which monitors our processes and the protection we provide for our clients.

As well as continually managing and monitoring your physical assets such as laptops and mobile devices for cyber security purposes it is also important to consider the assets you rely on most, your employees.

Cyber Security IllustrationEmployees come and go but they all have a job to do, to work effectively. To do just that they’ll require laptops and/or devices quickly. If you’re using one of our asset management solutions providing employees with physical assets won’t be the hard part. The tricky part comes with logins and usernames as employees will want to hit the ground running, which can take time to generate. Meanwhile, employees and trainers take the opportunity to use workarounds and here is where a security breach can occur. This is where login details are potentially shared causing havoc if a mistake is made and if they get into the wrong hands.

Cyber Security IllustrationNobody likes a cyber security breach so this month will help highlight a few key areas to keep in mind when auditing your systems and processes. These could be:

  • The best way to share username and passwords for security purposes
  • Rogue assets left with old employees
  • Zombie assets that have been left in a corner and contain unknown information

Regularly checking your assets, processes and cyber security takes time but should always be made a priority to prevent cyber breaches. At CSS our IT and Security Infrastructure Manager ensures he is always staying updated with new technologies and processes to keep our cyber security to the highest of standards.

For more information about our community equipment service solution and how it is underpinned with cyber essentials security processes please get in touch with our Business Development team at or call 0800 652 0488.

Look out for Spreadsheet Day on the 17th of October!
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