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In an age of constant innovation and digital transformation, it’s important to close this gap and ensure warehouses can continue to keep up with the increase in demand.

Warehouse automation takes many forms. Whether it’s the implementation of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or incorporating a software solution, automating workflows and processes in a warehouse environment provides benefits for managers, workers, and consumers.

Why is Automation Important?

With technology constantly evolving and becoming more present in our everyday lives, combined with the struggle to recruit and retain staff (Source), the natural conclusion is to welcome automation into everyday processes to maintain standards of service and streamline operations. As demands and needs grow, it’s imperative that warehouses are capable of scaling with them and maintaining a steady baseline.

The introduction of automated processes would see a decrease in working hours and potentially usher in a brand new category of jobs working with this technology and infrastructure, from maintenance to administration and auditing.

How would Automation Work in a Warehouse?

Automation could be folded into daily processes across warehouses and would see the streamlining of stock management, asset movement, procurement, logistics, distribution, and more. For instance, there would be a marked decrease in administrative downtime with ordering, maintenance, and scheduling automated through the use of the Pro-Cloud platform.

Let’s say you operate multiple warehouses where goods are moving constantly. Trying to run an operation like this with a paper-based system, or even legacy software, would be extremely difficult with the risk of human error building up due to the inability to keep up with the constant demand. Items may be missed, orders could be duplicated, stock might not be organised properly, all of these minor errors can build up and bring on huge financial and operational costs.

An automated system, with market-leading technology and innovative software, could minimise and even eliminate these issues. For example, RFID scanning will eliminate the risk of items being missed with instantaneous inventory checks – and Supplier & Procurement management will ensure orders only come in when they’re needed. Having suppliers and dispatchers registered through asset management system would see stronger communication for improved ordering processes and financial management as well as tighter control over stock levels.

The potential cost savings would only improve with each year the system is in place – finding you new ways to bring costs down while making sure productivity goes up.

Implementing the Pro-Cloud solution, specifically the Auto-Stock Replenishment feature, would automate, streamline, and optimise stock and inventory management. By configuring the system to minimum and maximum thresholds, stock will automatically be ordered accordingly to ensure optimal stock levels – cutting down costs and optimising the supply chain.

Automation would also allow for real-time tracking of assets as they move within a warehouse as well as between locations. Adopting a hybrid tagging solution with a range of BLE, RFID, and GPS tags would enable full visibility of every asset through its entire lifecycle.

BLE beacons can be implemented to monitor the movement and history of fixed assets within a warehouse, eliminating the need to run manual inventory checks on these items, saving time for more pressing work. Working alongside Zebra Technologies, our Pro-Cloud solution can integrate BLE technology into a warehouse environment and make it work hand in hand with our system.

Automation with Pro-Cloud

With 77% of organisations interested in automated warehouse systems (Source), this is a field that warrants a lot of interest in the long-term as people look to modernise and streamline their processes and operations. Considering the capacity for long-term growth, it’s clear that automation should be the next step for any warehouse looking to grow and scale with modern demand.

Pro-Cloud, the ultimate asset and warehouse management solution, offers innovative automation from day one. With our suite of interoperable modules, we offer our clients unmatched visibility and efficiency through our dynamic asset management platform.

Rapid stock checks, automated replenishment, and optimised supply chains, all of this and more can be achieved through Pro-Cloud – cutting down operating costs, reducing work time, minimising human error, automating maintenance and servicing schedules, and helping you digitally transform your operations.


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