Everything You Need to Know about SaaS

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externally hosted softwareSaaS is a term you might see a lot in online circles or tech publications and it’s thrown around so often that its meaning can become slightly obscured.

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. Through a subscription, a user is given access to externally-hosted software that provides them with specialised tools or features.

The services provided by these software solutions could include workflow administration, scheduling tools, or asset & inventory management.

Some examples of SaaS in action

Microsoft Office provides individuals and businesses with the capability to create, edit, and share a suite of documents and reports.

DocuSign allows businesses and freelancers to sign and verify documents virtually

Mailchimp give users the tools to create and track email marketing campaigns

Benefits of the SaaS Model

The SaaS model is popular with organisations and individuals since it holds a number of benefits when compared to buying software outright.

  • Cost-effective → Paying for your software and its tools on a subscription poses as less of a financial risk. This allows smaller organisations to reduce costs and manage their finances more effectively while still being able to access premium effective software.
  • Flexible → Another advantage of the subscription model is the flexibility to downscale or upgrade as needed. This is something that isn’t really possible with fixed software packages.
  • Convenient → SaaS exists to fill spaces in markets and the tools it provides normally help streamline or automate certain tasks and processes. Not to mention any development for software under a SaaS is handled solely by the provider, relieving strain and financial pressures from the client(s). SaaS providers also tend to be more responsive to queries and will work alongside you to improve your experience.
  • Dynamic → The software and its tools are updated regularly by the providers to eliminate bugs and upgrade its features which ensures the service continues to match the client’s needs. With constant updates and new features being rolled out, the client stands only to gain.

How does CSS fit in as a SaaS provider

Here at CSS, we offer several software solutions designed to help our clients transform their operational processes and maximise their efficiencies.

Our offerings are configured to work across a range of different sectors including emergency services, warehouse management, and healthcare services just to list a few.

CSS’ SaaS Offerings:

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Each software solution comes with its own unique array of modules and functions to specifically benefit its appropriate sector. Whether that’s the Tasks and Testing board for our Pro-Cloud BlueLight software, or the RFID Ready to Go mobile application for Pro-Cloud Ambulance.

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Benefits of Pro-Cloud Solutions

These solutions enable you to track and manage assets across multiple locations and maintain total visibility throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle. By combining the software with cutting edge Zebra Technologies hardware, you can guarantee efficient workflows and streamlined daily procedures.

This is overseen by our dedicated support team, offering both an over the phone and online Zendesk ticketing system to ensure you are always using the software to its optimum and needs are always being met.


For more information about how our SaaS solutions could benefit your organisation, contact our Business Development team

Phone: 0800 652 0488         Email: enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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