Global Accessibility Awareness Day

global accessibility awareness day illustration

Today marks the eighth global accessibility awareness day (GAAD), the third Thursday in May.

This day is to encourage everyone to start, and continue, to think and talk about technology accessibility.

Most of us take the use of technology for granted. It’s such a major part of our lives in this era and as it grows and evolves we continue to grasp new concepts easily. However this isn’t always the case for people with disabilities or impairments. Their ability to use evolving technology can be challenging in may different ways and much more of a hassle as accessibility seems to be an afterthought rather than part of the original design process.

Imagine navigating a website without a mouse or using a screen reader if your vision isn’t so great. Your experience would be completely different to the one you’re used to. Each disability can produce a range of obstacles that you haven’t even considered when using technology.

GAAD aims to bridge the gap and get technology to be inclusive of all abilities. As the tech world leans towards a mobile-first attitude so should it to accessibility.

Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Ltd uses Browseloud® and Jaws®, screen reading and translating tools that offer both visual and audible flexibility in our efforts to make our software and websites as accessible as possible to all types of users.


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